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Specialty Crops to Hit the Market as First Gene-edited Entrants

September 14, 2022

A report by Rabobank mentioned that the initial batch of gene-edited crops to hit the market will be composed of specialty crops, including fruits and vegetables, with output traits. The release of these gene-edited products is expected to start in countries that treat them as conventional products.

According to the report, there are several reasons why specialty crops will be the first ones to come out in the market. One reason is the ease of developing varieties with improved output traits compared to input traits, which involve more genes. Output traits such as flavor, color, nutrients, and shelf life add value to both consumers and retailers, while input traits like drought tolerance, improved yields, and better nutrient use efficiency create value for growers. Another reason is the controlled environment for growing specialty crops. Row crops are grown in open fields and interact with more environmental factors.

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