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Study Reveals Role of CW198 in Enhancer-promoter Interaction in Plants

September 14, 2022

Nanjing Agricultural University researchers and partners reported that CW198 acts as a genetic insulator to block enhancer-promoter interaction in plants. The results of their study are featured in Transgenic Research.

In vertebrates, insulators are vital in genome architecture and in controlling temporo-spatial enhancer-promoter interactions. However, in plants, insulators and their associated binding factors are yet to be documented. To elucidate more on this, the researchers used a comprehensive technique and characterized the enhancer-blocking insulator CW198.

Their findings showed that when CW198 fragment from Arabidopsis is interposed between an enhancer and a promoter, it can effectively revoke the activation function of both constitutive and floral organ-specific enhancers in transgenic Arabidopsis and tobacco plants.

Read more findings in Transgenic Research.

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