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Experts Bioengineer Nanomaterials to Combat Bacterial Leaf Blight in Rice

July 20, 2022

Scientists from Zhejiang University used nanotechnology to manage bacterial leaf blight disease in rice. The results are published in the journal Nanotoday.

Bacterial leaf blight (BLB) is one of the most devastating diseases affecting rice production in China. Climate change and changes in the cultivation system contributed to the resurgence of BLB in major rice areas in the country. This led Professor Li Bin to search for nanomaterials that can help ease the BLB problem in China.

In a previous study, the research team identified the role of nanomaterials in guarding against stresses and summarized their application prospects in rice production. Taking off from the results of that study, the team bioengineered chitosan-iron nanocomposites (BNCs) and assessed their bactericidal activity against Xanthomonas oryzae pv. oryzae (Xoo), which causes BLB. They found that BNCs could effectively impede the activity of Xoo. Thus, BNCs could be used as an alternative and efficient method in plant disease management.

Read the news release in ZJU Newsroom and research article in Nanotoday.

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