Biotech Updates

Political Will and Scientific Community Continue to Move Biotech Adoption in Bangladesh

January 5, 2022

The USDA FAS Global Agricultural Information Network (GAIN) released 2021 updates on the status of agricultural biotechnology in Bangladesh.

The Government has shown willingness to adopt and implement a modern agriculture policy framework and guidelines, which support the safe and proper use of biotechnology and other technologies to address food security issues. Aside from strong political will, the favorable support of the scientific community contributed to the progress of research and development of new genetically engineered crops, particularly the essential crops including rice, potato, brinjal, tomato, wheat, and cotton.

Development in the improvement of rice traits for the development of climate-smart varieties is also evident. Similar to many countries, the regulatory process for biotechnology in Bangladesh also faces delays in approvals. Research and development of animal and microbial biotech continue to be limited.

Read the report for more details.

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