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Nepal Reopens Doors to GM Soybean Meal Imports

November 17, 2021

Nepal is again open to receiving genetically modified (GM) soybean meal imports after months of restricting the product from entering its borders. This comes after Nepalese feed producers with the help of United States (US) officials were able to convince regulators of the safety of GM soymeal.

The government of Nepal previously restructured its system to issue safety permit for several products in August, relieving the Department of Food Technology and Quality Control of the responsibility and transferring it to the Plant Quarantine and Pesticide Management Center (PQMC) of the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Development. This affected the GM soymeal importation from the US as new rules required soybean meal importers a non-GMO certificate when applying for an import permit.

Through the efforts of the Nepal Feed Industries Association and the United States Soybean Export Council (USSEC), outreach and education activities were conducted for the Nepalese regulators to help them understand the importance of the GM soybean meal to the poultry sector. This led to regulators, especially officials of the PQPMC, being convinced about the benefits and safety of GM soymeal thereby re-opening the market to GM soymeal imports.

Read the report from USSEC to know more.

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