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Researchers Venture into Gene Editing Research to Produce Improved Strawberries

November 3, 2021

A combined team of researchers from the private sector has teamed up with the intention of launching the first commercially available, gene-edited strawberry in the near future. The product is expected to reduce fresh strawberry waste by consumers due to poor storage.

The venture will use gene editing technologies like CRISPR-Cas9 and other tools in strawberry development to improve the fruit's shelf life. Part of the team will bring in the gene editing technologies to advance the strawberry's characteristics while the other party will allow access to its proprietary germplasm, plant growing expertise, and eventually lead to the commercialization of the final product.

The research is expected to help strawberry growers attain high yields with less land area, reduce pesticide use as well as water and labor expenses. Moreover, it will reduce the fresh food waste caused by short shelf life, which currently results in 35% of fresh strawberries being thrown away by consumers. The research partnership is expected to make a significant impact on the strawberry industry by benefiting both growers and consumers with better strawberry varieties.

Read the news release by J.R. Simplot Company to find out more.

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