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Improving Plant Growth and Biomass by GA20ox Overexpression

October 6, 2021

Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology researchers conducted a study to improve plant growth and biomass production through overexpression of GA20ox gene under the control of a root preferential promoter. The findings are published in Transgenic Research.

Overexpression of GA20 oxidase gene is one of the new trends in improving plant growth and biomass. However, it has been observed that the constitutive expression of this gene can cause negative effects such as reduced leaf size and stem diameter, among others. Thus, the researchers identified and employed different tissue-specific promoters for GA20ox overexpression.

The researchers specifically used At1g promoter to drive the expression of GUS (β-glucuronidase) reporter and AtGA20ox genes in tobacco and chinaberry. Analyses in tobacco indicated that At1g was a root-preferential promoter and there was a strong expression in root tips. AtGA20ox gene expression leads to enhanced growth and biomass in transgenic tobacco and chinaberry. Stem length and weight also increased significantly for both transgenic plants. No significant difference in leaf shape and size was observed between the transgenic plants and the wild type.

Based on the results, At1g promoter is highly useful in driving the AtGA20ox gene for growth and biomass improvements plants.

Read more findings in Transgenic Research.

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