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New South Wales Lifts 18-year-old Ban on GM Crops

July 14, 2021

Farmers in New South Wales (NSW), Australia can now access all the approved GM crops in the country as of July 1, 2021, which marks the expiry of the 18-year GM crop moratorium implemented in NSW.

CropLife Australia CEO Matthew Cossey expressed his appreciation for the end of the moratorium, which opens more opportunities for farmers to avail of GM crop innovations approved by the Federal Gene Technology Regulator.

"Farmers should be the ones to make their own choices about what crops to grow that best fit their farming environment and business model. Having access to GM crops is only going to become more important as farmers continue to face periods of drought and increasingly harsher conditions in a changing climate," Cossey said in CropLife's media release.

With the lifting of bans in all mainland Australian states, GM research and innovation are expected to flourish together with the Australian farming industry.

Read the media release from CropLife Australia.

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