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Drought Tolerant Rice Comparatively Safe With Non-GM Counterpart

July 7, 2021

Researchers in Korea conducted a study to determine the environmental safety of a drought tolerant rice variety in terms of selected agricultural traits and gene flow. They concluded that genetically modified (GM) rice can be used as a means to address the food problem caused by climate change.

The researchers focused on GM rice varieties HV8 and HV23 which carry the CaMsrB2 gene insertion. The gene functions as a defense regulator against oxidative stress in rice. They compared GM rice with its non-GM counterpart and observed that both were the same in terms of agricultural traits, germination rate, potential weediness, and nutritional composition. They also noted that no gene mobility occurred in the GM rice. The study was conducted as the researchers found it important that the safety of any GM plant must first be demonstrated prior to adoption.

Read the full results and discussion in Environmental Sciences Europe.

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