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Award-winning Purple Tomato to be Released in China in Disney Packaging

June 23, 2021

Purple tomato known as Yoom, which won as Fruit Logistica Innovation Award in Berlin in February 2020, will be distributed in China in packaging featuring well-loved Disney characters. Aside from Yoom, Nebula tomato, which has sweet and full of flavor, will also be packaged in with Disney characters.

The Yoom tomato is unique because of its purplish to black color. It has a crisp, refreshing flavor with a great balance of sweet and tart and at the same time rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. The amino acids naturally contained within the tomato combine with their own distinctive taste to produce a rich umami flavor. Yoom and Nebula tomatoes, developed by Syngenta Seeds, are being grown at Beijing HortiPolaris planting base in the Miyun District of Beijing, China. Dole China and Syngenta Group China signed an exclusive retail agreement for the distribution of two tomato varieties in China, including an IP deal with Disney for packaging featuring Mickey and friends and Disney princesses. The tomatoes are expected to be in Chinese supermarkets by mid-November 2021.

Read the translated article in Produce Report.

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