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Study Shows First High-Quality Reference Genome of Hazelnut

May 5, 2021

Researchers from Nanjing Agricultural University reported an enhanced and comprehensive genome of the Chinese hazelnut which consists of valuable information for its molecular breeding and genetic improvement.

The researchers used de novo whole-genome sequencing and identified 764 genes involved in oil biosynthesis, 96 of which are directly involved in the biosynthesis of oleic acid. The researchers reconstructed the evolutionary trajectories of the genome of Betulaceae species and revealed that hazelnut species are different from other Betulaceae species. They also found 10 genes undergoing positive selection or rapid evolution related to stress response.

The results of the study could further help researchers understand the mechanisms of lipid synthesis and storage in hazelnuts and guide future efforts in improving the quality of hazelnut crops around the world.

For more details, read the journal article in Horticulture Research.

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