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OsMBD707 Overexpression Leads to Changes in Rice Growth and Development

March 17, 2021

Researchers from Minjiang University in China and partners successfully increased tiller angles and reduced photoperiod sensitivity in rice by overexpressing OsMBD707. The study is published in BMC Plant Biology.

Methyl-CpG-binding domain (MBD) proteins have vital functions in epigenetic gene regulation and have diverse molecular, cellular, and biological roles in plants including Arabidopsis, wheat, maize, and tomato. About 17 sequences have been characterized as MBD proteins but their functions in rice plants are still to be explored. Thus, the researchers evaluated the expression patterns of the rice OsMBD family genes and identified 13 OsMBDs expressed in different rice tissues. Further analysis elucidated that OsMBD707 is constantly expressed in the nucleus.

Transgenic rice overexpressing OsMBD707 exhibited larger tiller angles and reduced photoperiod sensitivity, wherein there is delayed flowering under short day and early flowering under long day. RNA-sequence analysis further showed that OsMBD707 overexpression led to reduced photoperiod sensitivity and changes in flowering regulator genes expression.

The findings confirmed that OsMBD707 plays important roles in rice growth and development.

Read the research article in BMC Plant Biology.

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