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ANU Book Presents Stories of Communicating Science in 39 Countries

September 16, 2020

How did science communication emerge as a field of study and a body of practice? How has development varied from one country to another? What motivated governments, institutions, and people to regard it as answer to social position of science? Australian National University (ANU) released the book, Communicating Science: A Global Perspective, which answers these relevant questions.

The book describes the science communication pathways followed by 39 countries, representing all continents and several cultures. Some countries told their stories on science communication for the first time. The book also charts the investments around the globe in science centers, university courses and research, publications, and conferences related to science communication.

The book is edited by Toss Gascoigne, Bernard Schiele, Joan Leach, Michelle Riedlinger, Bruce V. Lewenstein, Luisa Massarani, and Peter Broks.

Download or purchase a copy from ANU Press.

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