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CBF/DREB1 Gene Family in Lettuce Confers Multiple Stress Tolerance

April 1, 2020

US Department of Agriculture scientists conducted a genome-wide search of a gene family in lettuce that plays a vital role in freezing tolerance. The results are published in Scientific Reports.

The research team performed a comprehensive phylogenetic analysis of the C-repeat binding factor (CBF)/dehydration-responsive element binding (DREB1) proteins in 20 plant species from the Asterid or Rosid clade. Results showed that tandem duplication played a vital role in the expansion of the CBF/DREB1 family. Furthermore, the expression analysis indicated that 12 of the lettuce CBF genes respond to freezing, while three genes are responsive to salt stress, and six genes are linked to heat stress. Compared to Arabidopsis, with CBF/DREB1 family members that respond to only one specific stress, lettuce CBFs give more protection against various abiotic stresses.

The findings of the study could be used as a vital reference in the genetic improvement of lettuce, particularly in developing freezing tolerance.

Read more findings in Scientific Reports.

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