Biotech Updates

USDA Reports Advancement of Biotechnology Adoption in Bolivia

July 3, 2019

The United States Department of Agriculture's Foreign Agricultural Services (USDA FAS) released their Global Agricultural Information Network (GAIN) report for Bolivia, highlighting the country's approval of two new genetically engineered events for soybean.

Soybean is an important crop in Bolivia. According to the report, soybeans are Bolivia's largest agricultural export and it accounts for 45% of the total agricultural land production, majority of which are found in Santa Cruz. Producers have been demanding for the approval for the widespread use of biotechnology to increase their productivity and reduce production costs, allowing them to be at part with their competitors in the market. The Bolivian government gave its support to the producers by granting the approval to cultivate two new genetically engineered soybean events. Prior to this, the sole genetically engineered seed approved for cultivation in the country was the glyphosate-resistant soybean.

The Bolivian government is also considering the approval to use biotechnology for both corn and cotton, as both crops are also high in demand.

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