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Experts Evaluate the Potential Effect of Gene Flow from IR/HT Maize to Mexican Landraces

July 3, 2019

Scientists from Mexico assessed the potential impacts associated with gene flow from transgenic maize to maize landraces in Mexico, which is the center of origin and diversity of maize. The results are published in Transgenic Research.

Insect resistance and herbicide tolerance traits (MON89034xMON88017) known as Genuity® VT Triple Pro (VT3Pro) were introgressed into two Mexican landraces, Tuxpeño and Tabloncillo. Field trials in four locations with varying environments were conducted to evaluate phenotypic characteristics, plant response to stressors, and kernel composition of landraces with and without the IR and HT traits. Materials from four backcrossing generations were also analyzed for segregation of these GM traits.

Results showed that there were no significant differences between landraces with and without VT3Pro traits for the characteristics observed. Segregation analysis showed that GM traits, when introgressed into landraces, followed Mendelian principles. These findings imply that if accidentally introgressed into landraces through natural gene flow, VT3Pro traits would not alter phenotypic or kernel characteristics, plant response to stressors and would segregate like any endogenous gene.

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