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Scientists Develop Biotech Rice with Fusion Protein Cry1Ab/Vip3A for Insect Resistance

October 31, 2018

The use of refuge system in planting insect resistant crops is a common strategy used to delay the development of insect resistance to the improved crops. Since the sizes of farmers' fields in China are small, it was anticipated that there would be a difficulty in requiring the farmers to apply the refuge system. Thus, a team of Chinese researchers used stacking of genes with varied modes of action to manage insect resistance development.

The researchers developed biotech rice expressing a fusion protein of Cry1Ab and Vip3A. Analysis showed that the fusion protein is similar to the combination of Cry1Ab and Vip3A protein. The biotech rice plants with the fusion protein showed high resistance to two major rice pests, Asiatic rice borer and rice leaf folder, without showing significant changes in other agronomic characteristics when compared to non-biotech rice.

Based on the findings, the biotech rice plants with the fusion protein may be used for rice pest control in China.

Read the research article from Scientific Reports.