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The Effect of Single Metal Nanoparticles on Transformation Efficiency of Soybean

May 2, 2018

In Vietnam, the efficiency of soybean genetic transformation in DT22 variety remains relatively low at <1%. A study showed for the first time that the efficiency of EHA101 Agrobacterium-mediated genetic transformation in soybean had been remarkably improved with the addition of single metal nanoparticles in shoot induction and shoot elongation media.

The transformation with bar gene conferring herbicide resistance in more than 3,000 half-seeds resulted in a total of 29 transgenic lines which were confirmed by Basta spray 100 mg/l (herbicide containing 24.5% glufosinate) and PCR analysis. The transformation efficiencies were higher with the addition of nanoparticle at 1.6% (Ag), 0.8% (Cu) and 0.8% (Co) compared to the control (0.67%) and Ag nanoparticles showed the strongest effects.

More details from the article in Vietnamese at Tap Chi Nong Nghiep.