Crop Biotech Update

The Biotechnology and Bioeconomy Landscape in Malaysia

November 22, 2017

Dr. Mahaletchumy Arujanan, Executive Director of the Malaysian Biotechnology Information Centre, and Muthu Singaram of VibaZone Private Limited in Malaysia, discussed the landscape of biotechnology and bioeconomy in Malaysia in a review article published in New Biotechnology journal.

According to the paper, Malaysia released its biotechnology agenda in 1990s and came up with strong policies and initiatives to make the technology a key engine of economic growth. Since the inception of the National Biotechnology Policy in 2005, there have been significant achievements in Gross Domestic Product (GDP), investments, and employment.

The paper also discusses the public policies, initiatives and funding mechanisms in place in Malaysia that drive its research, development, and commercialization in the area of biotechnology and bioeconomy. Challenges in implementing the policies were also discussed in the paper.

Download the paper in New Biotechnology.