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Plant Hormone Cytokinin Found to Regulate Plant Growth and Development

July 5, 2017

The plant hormone cytokinin has been identified to target genes to regulate plant growth and development. The findings by a group of scientists at Dartmouth College could help establish organ-growing stem cells for grains such as rice and corn, and may ultimately lead to solutions to stubborn agricultural problems.

The study describes how cytokinin activates the transcription factor ARR10 to control gene expression in the Arabidopsis plant. Cytokin regulates a number of plant processes, including cell division, shoot and root growth, grain yield, and greening. The study "shed light on the physiological role of the type-B ARRs in regulating cytokinin response, the mechanism of type-B ARR activation, and the basis by which cytokinin regulates diverse aspects of growth and development as well as responses to biotic and abiotic factors."

As part of the study, the research team increased cytokinin sensitivity in Arabidopsis, which resulted in activation of the WUSCHEL target gene, a key regulator of shoot development.

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