Biotech Updates

New Book: Genetically Modified Organisms in Developing Countries: Regulation and Governance

July 5, 2017

Ademola A. Adenle (Colorado State University), E. Jane Morris (University of Leeds), Denis J. Murphy (University of South Wales) and other experts from around the world collaborated to come up with a book that summarizes cutting-edge perspectives on the risk analysis and governance of GMOs, supporting effective and informed decision-making in developing countries. 

The book titled Genetically Modified Organisms in Developing Countries has four comprehensive sections which cover integrated risk analysis and decision making, overview of the science involved and examining risk analysis methods that have an effect on GMO commercialization; diversification of expertise involved in risk analysis and practical ways in which the lack of expertise in developing countries can be overcome; risk analysis based regulatory systems and how they can be undermined by power relationships and socio-political interests, as well as strategies for improving GMO policy development and regulatory decision-making; and case studies from developing countries providing lessons based on real-world experience that can inform our current thinking.

Get a copy from Cambridge University Press.