Biotech Updates

Engineering Our Food: A Discussion of Genetically Modified Foods

May 10, 2017

Engineering Our Food: A Discussion of Genetically Modified Foods, is a special issue of Harvard College Review of Environment & Society (HCRES) that includes nine papers discussing several aspects of genetically modified (GM) crops.

Prof. Ruth MacDonald introduces the history and scientific consensus behind GMOs to provide readers an overview of how GMOs interact with the food system. Prof. P.S. Baenziger and Prof. David Hennessy explain the process of developing GM foods and the economics behind growing them, respectively. Meanwhile, Prof. Calestous Juma outlines the potential for GMOs to solve nutritional deficiencies in developing nations, Gregory Jaffe outlines current regulatory barriers to federal oversight of GM crops in the US., and Prof. Sam discusses international trade. The Review's conclusion has Prof. Joanna Sax questioning the role of GM crops in the future and Sylvie Bonny highlights the need to combine high-tech agriculture and agroecology instead of considering them as opposed alternatives.

The review is freely available for download at HCRES ISSUU site.