Biotech Updates

The Regulatory Implications of New Breeding Technologies

April 26, 2017

The Academy of Science of South Africa's (ASSAf) published a consensus study report on The Regulatory Implications of New Breeding Techniques.

New breeding techniques (NBTs) are a wide range of techniques aimed at modifying genomes and/or gene expression and using these on a whole organism level. The relative accessibility and use of these techniques have led to the commercialization of its products. With the release of these products, the similarities and overlaps between the products of NBTs and genetic modification technology have started a discussion on the regulation of the techniques and their products. The ASSAf consensus study examined possible regulatory implications of NBTs within the South African context.

Based on the report, regulation should only be triggered at a point beyond which explicit risk management is required. The panel also believes that such an approach will provide effective and appropriate oversight to ensure the safety and sustainability of all relevant products.

Download the report from ASSAf.