Biotech Updates

Updates on GM Crop Field Trials in Malawi

April 26, 2017

Malawi is one of the African countries with promising developments towards commercialization of GM crops. With a fully functional biosafety framework, field trials of cotton, cowpea, and banana are currently taking place in the country.

The Biosafety Act of Malawi was passed in 2002, the biosafety regulations in 2007, and the National Biotechnology and Biosafety Policy was implemented in 2008. A biosafety regulatory committee and biosafety registrar's office have been set to take charge of applications for trials. To date, Bt cotton is at the variety registration trial stage, while Bt cowpea is in its second year of confined field trials (CFT), and virus resistant banana is in its first year of CFTs at the proof-of-concept stage.

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