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European Chemicals Agency Says Glyphosate Not Carcinogenic

March 22, 2017

The Committee for Risk Assessment (RAC) of the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) has concluded that the available scientific evidence did not meet the criteria for the Classification, Labelling and Packaging Regulation to classify glyphosate as a carcinogen, as a mutagen or as toxic for reproduction. The RAC assessed glyphosate's hazardousness against the criteria in the Classification, Labelling and Packaging Regulation, and considered extensive scientific data in coming to their opinion.

The committee also had full access to the original reports of studies conducted by industry, apart from the published studies on glyphosate. RAC assessed all scientific data, including any scientifically relevant information received during the public consultation in 2016. RAC had the first discussion on glyphosate with stakeholders at its 39th meeting in December 2016. The adopted opinion on the harmonized classification for glyphosate will be taken into account when the Commission and the Member States consider whether to renew the approval to use glyphosate as an active substance in pesticides, later this year.

For more information, read the news release from ECHA.