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Scientists Investigate Effects of GE Maize on Arthropod Food Webs

March 15, 2017

Scientists from Szent István University, Hungary, and partners tested GE maize varieties and their non-GE counterparts to determine if genetic engineering has an impact on the structure of arthropod food webs. Their study is published in Ecology and Evolution journal. 

Based on the trophic groups' number and the links between them, neither the higher magnitude of Bt toxins (included resistance against insect, and against both insects and glyphosate) nor the extra glyphosate treatment changed the structure of food webs.

Differences in the average trophic links/trophic groups were observed between GM and non-GM food webs for herbivore groups and plants, as well as differences in characteristic path lengths between GM and non-GM food webs for herbivores. However, these differences do not detrimentally alter the arthropod food webs. 

Read the research article for more information.