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Plant Ferredoxin-like Protein Expression Improves Photosynthesis in Rice

February 8, 2017

Continuous expression of plant ferredoxin-like protein (PFLP) gene improves photosynthesis in rice, according to a study published in Transgenic Research.

Most of the studies on plant ferredoxin-like protein (PFLP) gene were focused on its anti-pathogenic effects, with less information on its effects on photosynthesis. Thus, Hsiang Chang of Yuanpei University of Medical Technology and other scientists, investigated the impact of pflp overexpression on photosynthesis. They generated two transgenic lines of rice overexpressing pflp.

Results indicate that both lines exhibited improved photosynthesis efficiency. Products of photosynthesis such as fructose, glucose, sucrose, and starch were found to be higher in the transgenic lines. Panicle number, tiller number per plants for pflp rice plants were all significantly higher than the non-transgenic counterpart while no significant difference in such parameters was observed between two transgenic rice lines.

Based on the findings, continuous expression of pflp can improve rice production by enhancing photosynthesis.

Read the abstract in Transgenic Reseach.