Biotech Updates

New Act Lifts Moratorium on GM Crop Planting in Western Australia

October 26, 2016

The Parliament of Western Australia has repealed the Genetically Modified Crops Free Areas Act 2003, which imposed a moratorium on the commercial cultivation of genetically modified crops (GM) in Western Australia.

Genetically Modified Crops Free Areas Repeal Act 2015 repealed the former 2003 Act, and consequently amended the Biosecurity and Agriculture Management Act 2007. Part 1 of the Act will take effect on the date of the Royal Assent, and the remainder of the Act will come into operation on the day after Royal Assent.

"The repeal of the Act gives growers certainty that not only will they be able to use existing GM technologies, but they will also have access to future advancements in plant biotechnology that could improve their productivity and sustainability," said Monsanto Australia Managing Director, Tony May.

For more details, visit the website of the Parliament of Western Australia.