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Maize Genetics Helps Scientists Study Crop Adaptation to Climate Change

September 21, 2016

Scientists from the University of California Davis are leading a new project to study the genetic adaptation of maize to different environmental conditions. The team is looking at the genetic basis of maize adaptation to high-elevation environments, to find out how wild and domesticated maize populations adapt to new climates.

The researchers are comparing agronomic and genetic traits of maize varieties from high and low elevations, using traditional wild and domestic landraces from different environments. They are also studying population genetics in teosinte, to see how teosinte is adapted to these different conditions.

The research team is using maize to study plant adaptation for crop improvement because it is widely planted and highly adaptable to different environments around the world. They are also taking advantage of the large amount of knowledge and resources for studying maize genetics.

For more details, read the news release at the UC Davis website.