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Indonesian Gov't Officers Attend Workshop on Biosafety Assessment and Release of GE Product

May 11, 2016

A workshop on Biosafety Assessment and Assessment and Release of Genetically Engineered Product (GEP) has been conducted in order to provide information on the process of biosafety assessment and release process of genetically engineered product in Indonesia to 22 participants in Jakarta, Indonesia on April, 7 2016. The participants are members of the Indonesia Varieties Assessment and Release Technical Team and representatives from the National Seed Board of Indonesia.

In the opening remarks, Dr. Ir. Hasil Sembiring, Seed Director of Directorate General of Food Crops of the Ministry of Agriculture emphasized that the benefit from biotech products have been perceived by farmers in many countries. However, the products are not commercialized yet in the country since, the Indonesian public still needs to learn from other countries before they adopt the products. Thus, it is important to provide accurate information for public acceptance of biotech products.

Ms. Daisy Joyce Djohor of the Ministry of Environment and Forestry discussed Policy and Regulation of GEP in Indonesia; Dr. M Thohari and Prof. Dr. M. Herman, members of the Technical Team of Biosafety Committee of GEP discussed Environment Safety Approval Process for GEP and Food and Feed Safety Approval Process for GEP, respectively; and Dr. Ir. Hasil Sembiring of Ministry of Agriculture discussed the Release Process of GEP. The event was a joint effort among Indonesia Biotechnology Information Centre (IndoBIC), Ministry of Agriculture, SEAMEO BIOTROP, PBPI, and ISAAA.

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