Biotech Updates

UBIC Embarks on Nation-wide Biotech Radio Campaigns

May 11, 2016

Uganda Biosciences Information Center (UBIC) has started a radio campaign to educate Ugandans on modern agricultural technologies aimed at improving food production. The campaign will be conducted over a period of three months and will target mostly radio stations in rural Uganda, where farmers and ordinary Ugandans exhibit a dearth of knowledge of modern farming techniques such as use of hybrid technology and biotechnology for improved agricultural outcomes.

The radio campaign involves a scientist from the National Agricultural Research Organization (NARO) or any other public research organization and a Local Government Agriculture Officer who deliberates on topical issues in agriculture faced by the local communities. They also include a call-in session where concerns on various farming and food challenges are raised and discussed. These talk shows have helped raise awareness about agricultural biotechnology and its regulation in Uganda because some of the issues raised can be addressed by the biotechnology research being conducted in Uganda.

According to UBIC Coordinator, Dr. Barbara Zawedde Mugwanya, it is hoped that at the end of this campaign, a good number of rural farmers and other stakeholders will be able to appreciate why agricultural biotechnology research is being conducted in Uganda, and the need to regulate some of the modern biotechnology tools being applied. Dr. Zawedde also believes that such interactions will complement efforts to identify stakeholders' opinions on the agricultural research priorities that need to be included on NARO's Agenda.

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