Biotech Updates

ISAAA Report Launched in Ivory Coast

July 29, 2015

ISAAA AfriCenter in partnership with the Ivorian Agricultural Research Institute (Centre National de Recherche Agronomique (CNRA), and CropLife West Africa launched the ISAAA annual global status report on GM crops (Brief 49) on June 16, 2015 in Abidjan, Ivory Coast. Some 56 participants, among them, scientists, journalists, civil society, farmer representatives as well as officials from the Ministry of Agriculture, Science and Technology and Environment, attended the event.

ISAAA AfriCenter Program Officer Brigitte Bitta presented the ISAAA report.  Participants were acquainted with the status of biotechnology research and biosafety in the country. Dr. Moussa Sawadogo, the Environmental Biosafety Program Officer at the African Biosafety Network of Expertise (ABNE), Burkina Faso, presented the status of biosafety regimes in Africa and highlighted the experience of Burkina Faso in commercializing Bt cotton.

Dr. Kouassi Nazaire, president of the organizing committee announced the imminent creation of the Ivorian Association of biotechnology and invited interested participants to adhere to it in order to join efforts in giving balanced information on biotechnology to stakeholders.

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