Biotech Updates

Turkish Biosafety Board Approves 5 Biotech Traits

July 29, 2015

Turkey's Official Gazette for July 16, 2015 published the Biosafety Board Decisions on the import of genetically modified crops for feed use. The Board approved 3 corn (MIR604, MON863, and T25) and 2 soybean (MON87701 and MON87701 x MON89788) events and their products for feed use only.

The announcement also included a decision regarding an amendment on the "rules of packaging, carrying, conservation and transferring" for the purpose of preventing contamination. The decision marks the first approvals since 2011 when the Board approved 16 corn events and 3 soybean events.

For more details, read the July 21, 2015 USDA FAS GAIN Report for Turkey.