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TOPLESS Plants Give Insights in Human Signaling Mechanisms

July 29, 2015

Van Andel Research Institute (VARI) scientists conducted a study of a plant protein TOPLESS (TPL),  responsible for regulating development and stress responses in plants. TPL has also been found to be involved in hormone signaling through its interaction with other molecules responsible for switching genes off. Hence, VARI scientists examined this hormone signalling and interaction in detail.

The findings have led the researchers to identify the three dimensional structure of TOPLESS showing its own structure as well as when it is linked to other molecules. This information will aid in the further study of all the interacting molecules in a certain signaling pathway.

The development of the structure can also be adopted in humans due to similarities in some signalling pathways with plants. The use of this structure can provide insights in some important biological functions in humans.

Read the details of the study at VARI website.