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Crop Biotech Update

Canadian Government Ratifies International Treaty on Plant Variety Protection System

July 1, 2015

Canada Agriculture Minster Gerry Ritz announced the ratification of UPOV '91 treaty to enhance plant variety protection system in the country. This action marks as completion of key measures for the recently-passed Agricultural Growth Act, which have modernized legislation around breeders' rights, allowing Canada to finally ratify UPOV '91.

The instrument of ratification was submitted to the World Trade Organization in Geneva, Switzerland on June 19, 2015.

UPOV '91 or Act of the International Union for the Protection of New Varieties of Plants aims to provide and promote an effective system of plant variety protection to encourage the development of new varieties of plants, for the benefit of society. Plant breeders usually take 10-12 years in developing a new plant variety. With the ratification of the UPOV '91, plant breeders now have more protection and farmers would have more access to a wider range of plant varieties. This also allows Canada to be more competitive in the global marketplace.

Read the news release from the Government of Canada.