Biotech Updates

Vietnam Grants Licenses to Four GM Corn Varieties

September 3, 2014

Vietnam's Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD) has granted licenses to four genetically modified (GM) corn varieties to be used for both human consumption and animal feed.

This process started four years ago when Vietnam announced it would start field trials of these four varieties of GM corn. The varieties have gone through extensive testing and evaluation since then, as well as being approved by Vietnam's Council of Food Safety for Genetically Modified Food and Animal Feed.

The four GM corn varieties, includes Bt 11 and MIR162 developed by Syngenta Vietnam Co., Ltd as well as MON 89034 and NK603 by Monsanto's Dekalb Vietnam Co., Ltd. The licensing agencies say they have determined to their satisfaction that the products have no harmful health effects. Licensing is considered a first step in the creation of a legal framework regarding GM foods, and the Vietnamese government is in the process of speeding up the application of such technologies in agriculture. This is in line with the plan for sustainable agriculture through 2020.

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