Biotech Updates

Cornell Launches Global Initiative for Science-based Communication on Agri-biotech

September 3, 2014

Cornell University launched a new initiative aimed at intensifying the voice of science in the agri-biotechnology dialogue. The initiative is called Cornell Alliance for Science. According to Sarah Evanga, Director of the Alliance, the initiative is a "radical collaboration" of global significance because the challenges faced by the global society are too large to be handled by disconnected individuals and institutions. Thus, a radical strategy of forming a radical collaboration should be focused on facing the hunger and not on GMO politics.

The project activities include development of multimedia resources for decision makers and consumers and conduct of training programs on communicating agri-biotechnology. The project team will also engage with potential partners and foster more constructive policies about biotechnology as a useful tool to address major challenges in agriculture.

The Alliance received a grant from Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to conduct conferences, short courses, and semester-long certificate programs in biotechnology leadership, among other activities.

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