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Crop Biotech Update

Survey Shows Growing Opposition to GM Food Labeling

June 4, 2014

International Food Information Council (IFIC) commissioned a study involving 1,000 adults to find out if they approve of the U.S. Food and Drugs Administration's policy for labeling GM foods. Results showed that 63 percent of U.S. adults approve the policy. That result is consistent over the past six years. However, IFIC also acknowledges that opposition to the policy is also increasing over the years. This year's study results showed that 19 percent are against the policy, up from 14 percent in 2012, and 13 percent in 2008.

"The survey has consistently shown that, when made aware of the health and agronomic benefits of food biotechnology, most Americans are receptive, indicating that accurate information about the technology is important to promoting informed food choices," according to IFIC, which has surveyed consumer perceptions about genetic engineering since 1998.