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Crop Biotech Update

Farmer Leader Calls for Bt Cotton Trials in Zimbabwe

June 4, 2014

Zimbabwe should conduct its own Bt cotton field trials to study the advantages and disadvantages of the biotech crop based on the local country conditions, says Zimbabwe National Farmer Union president, Monica Chinamasa. Chinamasa joined the study tour to Chitala Agricultural Station in Malawi where Bt cotton field trials are currently ongoing.

"I'm very impressed with the Bt cotton trials being done here in Malawi. As farmers, we are looking for new technological innovations which can improve our yields, crop disease resistance, cut costs and improve our earnings," she said. "We must not resist new technologies that have a potential to transform our livelihoods and our economy in line with the ZimAsset agenda," she added.

The study tour delegates also include farmer representatives from Zimbabwe Commercial Farmers Union, Zimbabwe Farmers Union and the National Biotechnology Authority of Zimbabwe (NBA).

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