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Crop Biotech Update

Costa Rica Approves GM Corn Cultivation

February 6, 2013

The National Biosecurity Technical Commission of Costa Rica has authorized a local subsidiary of multinational biotechnology company Monsanto to grow genetically modified (GM) corn in the country. The decision was confirmed by Alejandro Hernández, a member of the commission representing the Ministry of Science and Technology, and by a locally-based NGO in the country Coecoceiba.

The ruling allows Monsanto to grow corn for obtaining seeds or for research purposes, but not for consumption or marketing in the country, as all seed to be produced will be exported. Currently there are 443.1 hectares of biotech crops in Costa Rica, of which 394.3 are of cotton, 44.6 are soybeans, 3.2 are pineapple and 1 is banana. They belong to Semillas Olson, D & PL Semillas, Bayer, Semillas del Trópico and Del Monte, according to data of Costa Rica's government agency Phytosanitary Service.

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