Biotech Updates

Burkina Faso's Cotton Output Increases by 57% due to GM

February 6, 2013

According to Burkina Faso National Cotton Producers' Union (UNPCB), Burkina Faso's cotton output for 2012 (which includes January 2013) has increased by 57.5 percent due to higher number of farmers who adopt genetically modified (GM) cotton. Compared to its cotton output in the previous year (2011-2012) which accounted to 400,000 tonnes, the country's output for 2012-2013 rose to 630,000 tonnes .

Burkina Faso, which relies on cotton as one of its major exports, is one of the first countries in Africa to approve GM cotton. The government authorized the planting of Monsanto's Bt cotton in 2008. The country's greater-than-expected output could also boost the regional total for West Africa for the year. In an April survey in six West African countries, producers had a forecast  of 29 percent increase to 1,738,500 tonnes for 2012-2013.

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