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U.K. Consumer Attitudes Study on GM Labeling

January 23, 2013

The UK Food Standards Agency published the results of a survey on consumer attitudes on GM labeling conducted from June to September 2012. The key findings of the research are as follows:
  • Most consumers were not aware about the current labeling requirements in the UK.
  • Only 2% of the respondents stated that they look at the food information for GM content. Thus, consumers are not seeking information on GM content in purchasing food products.
  • Most consumers prefer labels indicating presence of GM rather that the absence of GM.
  • Labeling foods to indicate absence of GM may result in a number of expectations. For instance, a GM-free labeled product may be expected to be completely free from any GM.
  • Most consumers are not aware of the use of GM feeds by farmers. Upon knowing about this fact, they considered that the food products fed with GM feeds should be labeled.
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