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Chinese Journalists Trained on Report Agri-Biotechnology

November 14, 2012

A Media Symposium on Agricultural Biotech Report co-organized with Chinese Society of Biotechnology (CSBT), ISAAA ChinaBIC (Chinese Biotechnology Information Center), CropLife China Biotech Committee and China Science Daily was held on Nov 7, 2012 . This symposium provided a platform for open interaction between scientists and media professionals and received very positive feedback from both sides. Scientists, senior reporters and 30 journalists from 26 media attended the symposium.

Prof Jiang Tao from Institute of Genetics and Developmental Biology, Chinese Academy of Sciences introduced basic concepts of biology and biotechnology. He concluded, "it's important to strengthen scientific literacy of journalists."  Mr. Fan Jingqun, Director of Biology Sciences Media Center, Huangzhong Agricultural University, criticized the anti-intellectualism and misuse of the concept of  "harmony between man and nature" when reporting biotech related news. He also pointed out the communication gap between science community and media. He advised journalists to report biotechnology based on true science.

Senior reporters Mr. Yuan Yue and Mr. Fang Xuanchang shared their experiences in writing media stories on biotechnology. For journalists without scientific training, they suggested that peer-reviewed papers would be the most reliable information resource. In the discussion session, journalists discussed the GMO report issues and agreed that they need professional quality and spirit in the era of rapid development of science.

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