Biotech Updates

EFSA to Discuss GM Crops' Current Issues with NGOs

November 14, 2012

The European Food Safety Authority will hold its sixth annual meeting with environmental and consumer non-governmental organizations on genetically modified organisms (GMOs). This is to update concerned groups on EFSA's ongoing activities in the area of GMOs, and provide greater detail on the work that EFSA carries out on the risk assessment of herbicide tolerant GM plants and related herbicides. The technical meeting will serve as room for an interactive exchange of views between representative from NGOs, EFSA experts and staff.

The meeting is also open to those organizations which responded to the public consultation on EFSA's draft of the Guidance Document on the Environmental Risk Assessment of Genetically Modified Animals, as well as other environmental and consumer NGOs actively involved in the area of GMOs and in a position to contribute to the specific topics on the agenda.

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