Biotech Updates

Pakistani Progressive Farmers Briefed on Biotechnology

November 14, 2012

Twenty progressive Pakistani farmers were briefed on various aspects of biotechnology in a seminar organized by Pakistan Biotechnology Information Center in Bahawalpur, Pakistan. The farmers came from Multan Shujaabad, Lodharan, Chistian, Yazmaan Hasial pur, Bahawalpur and other adjacent areas around Bahawalpur. Dr. Saifullah Khan.gave a detailed overview of how biotech crops are developed as well as the various applications of biotechnology in stress tolerance breeding, molecular pharming and nutritional enhancement of crops. Dr. Muhammad Atiq, the Agricultural Officer in Agriculture Research station of Bahawalpur presented the biotech cotton technology being practiced in the country and its benefits to farmers and consumers.

Discussions among the farmers were focused on food and environmental safety, application of biotech cottonseed meal in feed and livestock industry and product stewardship. The farmers reiterated their support to the technology and committed to help disseminate the information to the media to enhance its adoption.

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