Biotech Updates

Improved Tool for Multigene Transformation in Plants

October 3, 2012

Scientists at RWTH Aachen University in Germany reported an improved version of the MultiRound Gateway technology, which is used in plant multigene transformation. The new system involves two attL-flanked entry vectors, which has an attR cassette, and a transformation-competent artificial chromosome based destination vector. By alternating the two entry vectors, multiple transgenes can be delivered sequentially into the Gateway compatible destination vector. Multigene constructs that carried up to 7 transgenes were assembled by 7 rounds of LR recombination. The constructs were successfully transformed into tobacco plants and were consistently carried over for at least two generations. Therefore, the new system is an efficient tool for multigene plant transformation and may be used in genetic engineering of agronomic traits or the assembly of genetic pathways for production of biofuel or pharmaceutical compounds in plants.