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Crop Biotech Update

Pakistan Seed Board Approves New Seed Varieties

July 29, 2011
Punjab Seed Council (PSC)  approved 13 new seed varieties of various crops for general cultivation including five wheat varieties Dhara-B-2011, Punjab-2011, Millet-2011, NARC-2011, Aas-2011 and one sugarcane variety CPF-247.

The approved varieties of other crops include two varieties of pulses Bhakkar-2011 and NIAB Moong-2011, two varieties of Olive BARI Zetoon-1 and BARI Zetoon-2, two oilseeds varieties TS-5 and Faisal canola, and one fodder variety Oat-2011. The varieties have higher yield potential and resistance to insect pests and diseases.

The Agriculture Department said that the release of 17 new cotton varieties including 8 Bt and 9 non-Bt varieties was pending for further consideration including research trials for the current year.

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