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Crop Biotech Update

Expert Says GM Risk Communication in China Should Be Strengthened

July 29, 2011

There are four reasons why there is lack of risk communication efforts with regards genetically modified technology. These are: (1) objective is not clear, (2) information disclosure is insufficient, (3) form and content of risk communication is routine, and (4) public institutions fail to play their role. Liu Peilei from the Development Center for Science and Technology, Ministry of Agriculture, analyzed public sentiment to transgenic biotechnology in China in an article Analysis of Risk Communication for Transgenic Biotechnology in China published in China Biotechnology.

Liu suggested that to strengthen risk communication in biotechnology, the following should be done:

  • establish the coordination framework of risk communication;
  • build a platform for information publicity and information monitoring
  • improve the role of administrative services and public institutions in risk communication; and
  • reform the policy of scientific project.

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