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Crop Biotech Update

Field Trials Destroyed in Germany

July 29, 2011

Two field trials of genetically modified potatoes and wheat in Gross Lüsewitz near Rostock and in Üplingen (Saxony-Anhalt) in Germany were destroyed by unknown masked attackers last July 9 and 11, 2011. Funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), the trials aimed to develop an integrated testing system for the approval of GM plants to replace many different analyses involved in the current risk assessment process.

The attackers used bats and pepper spray against the guards according to Project Leader Kerstin Schmidt. The German Plant Breeders' Association (BDP) said that there has been a significant increase in crop destructions in recent years. In 2009, around half of all field trials in Germany were destroyed by anti-GM activists.

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