ISAAA Biotech/GM Crops Image Gallery

Over 100 images related to agricultural biotechnology are available for public use.  Biotech stakeholders, especially the media practitioners, are encouraged to use the ISAAA photos to better represent biotechnology in their articles and replace fear-mongering images that are widespread in the media, especially online.

All photos are under Creative Commons license (CC BY-NC-ND 3.0), They must be attributed, for non-commercial use, and no derivatives (remixed). For higher resolution versions of the photos, please email

Bt Corn (Philippines)

DSC_0994 IMG_1572 IMG_1630 IMG_1882 IMG_1884 IMG_2169 IMG_2026 DSC_0272 DSC_0250 DSC_0325

Bt Cotton (China)

IMG_5975 IMG_5962 IMG_5952 IMG_6103 IMG_6019

Bt Cotton (India)

IMG_2873 vlcsnap-2013-10-16-14h07m44s56 vlcsnap-2013-10-16-14h20m37s124 vlcsnap-2013-08-08-16h44m41s73 vlcsnap-2013-08-13-15h52m59s233 vlcsnap-2013-08-13-15h56m22s218 vlcsnap-2013-08-13-15h58m09s2

Bt Eggplant (Philippines)

DSC_0198 IMG_8361 IMG_7999 IMG_7981 IMG_7853 IMG_7891 aIMG_1709 DSC_0180 IMG_8337 IMG_1772 IMG_1936 IMG_1901


Farmer holding Bt cotton seeds during the 1st ever planting of National performance trials in Kenya 1 Tissue Culture Banana farmers in Kenya Bt cotton planting in Kenya 3 Bt cotton crop in the field 1 KALRO Director General in Bt cotton field in India 2 Taabu Mwarumba, maize farmer in Kilifi county adversely  affetcted by the stem borein coastal Kenya Farmers in Wonosobo 1

Photos from the Indonesian Biotechnology Information Center (IndoBIC)

Farmers in Pangalengan Farmers in Wonosobo 2 Potato 2 Potato sugarcane

Photos from the Uganda Biotech Information Center (UBIC)

UBIC student interns field work VIRCA Plus Trial GM cassava (right) vs conventional (left)_1 Cassava Brown Streak Disease symptom on storage root_1 Basic RGB GM Cassava_CFT Annual Biotech Essay Contest Awards Ceremony Teachers Biotech Internship Field work during teachers biotech internship organized by UBIC DSC_039 DSC_027 Student Internship on biotech at NaCRRI Miss Uganda Beauty Pageant contestants bootcamp organized by UBIC DSC01599_1 DSC01638_1 Biotech Internship for winners of UBIC National Biotech Essay Contest National Biotech Essay Awards Ceremony 2015 Corn _DSC047 Women Members of Parliament visit to Bt Maize trial at NaCRRI, Uganda Discussing Genetic Engineering Bill ISAAA Report Launch 2015 ISAAA Report Launch 2018 ISAAA Report Launch 2018_1 Journalists during biotech familiarization tour in Bt Maize trial at NaCRRI-Uganda Outreach activity for journalists Outreach activity President Museveni inspects GM corn at an Agricultural show NEWEST Rice Trial at NaCRRI-Uganda

Inside the Biotech Lab (Philippines)

_MG_8950 _MG_8959 _MG_8961 _MG_8983 _MG_8989 _MG_9000 _MG_9004 _MG_9013 _MG_9014 _MG_9022 _MG_9023 _MG_9026 _MG_9030 _MG_9033 _MG_9035 _MG_9036 _MG_9037 _MG_9039 _MG_9040 _MG_9042 _MG_9044 _MG_9049


IMG_0995 IMG_0975 IMG_1003 IMG_1011 IMG_1030 IMG_1009 IMG_1012 IMG_1024 IMG_1052 IMG_1041 IMG_1065 IMG_1072 IMG_1056 IMG_1079 IMG_1070 IMG_1114 IMG_1109 IMG_1119 IMG_1094 IMG_1103 IMG_1125 IMG_1133

Biotech Cartoons

SANTIAGO, RONI Professional_semilla_steph professional_samiano_franco Professional_Rodriguez_Albert.tif professional_isaac_norman Professional_IIlburgos_jose EGibas Prof 3rd Professional_Alegre_Maciste Aranda edited_amateur_sazon_marj edited_amateur_saycon_johnmark edited_amateur_cuna_shena edited_amateur_alarcon_emilaldrine amateur18_aquinojr_apolinario AMATEUR_BAUTISTA_MERRYJOYCE

Brief 53 Infographics

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